Thursday, July 26, 2018

Help defeat Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court bid.

RSVP to attend NARAL Pro-Choice America's tele-town hall!

Our battle to stop the (52 year old) Brett Kavanaugh from clinching a lifetime appointment (of creative right wing extremists attack on our way of government.) to the Supreme Court is gaining momentum. So we're doubling down.

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell thought this would be easy. 

But we haven't allowed them one inch -- and our efforts are paying off: Brett Kavanaugh is polling lower at this point in his confirmation process than any other recent Supreme Court nominee. He's being compared to Harriet Miers, whose nomination was withdrawn.

We're going to keep the momentum going and defeat Trump's nonsense nominee. And thanks to activists like you, we can win this. 

Find out how you can plug in by joining the tele-townhall this Sunday.

Please RSVP to join NARAL's tele-townhall on Sunday, July 29 at 8pm eastern/ 5pm pacific to learn more. Once we have your information, you will receive a call on the number you provided us shortly before the townhall begins on Sunday.

In order to ensure we have time to set up the tele-townhall, we will only collect RSVPs until 2pm eastern on Friday, July 27.

More on Brett Kavanaugh after some personal thoughts regarding the hypocritical dogma-shackled attack on a woman’s right to self-determination and self-defense   (gathered from past Colorado battles).

GOP religious extremists, and absolutists, continue trying to force their hateful obsession with interfering in and eliminating a woman's right to self-determination,
including a woman's right to the self-defense of her own body with the attempts to rush through the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination before our critical November general election.

I'd love to ask these self-certain folks who presume they know "God's mind” why an unborn child is more sacred than a living one?  Why is a woman’s right to self-determination and self-defense spit on by so-called freedom loving people?  

Beyond that, if God hated abortion so much, why in heaven’s name does God spontaneously abort over half the conceptions that occur?

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Former ICE spokesman James Schwab and ICE intimidation tactics.

Regarding Jeff Sessions, America's religious extremist Attorney General. *How dare Sessions fabricate enemies, in a time when we have real problems to focus on!  (*under the fold is more on the Sessions, Schwab spat.)

How dare Sessions fabricating a crisis in order to unjustly vilify vast swaths of humanity simply to further his ME FIRST political agenda.  I'm 63 and tell you it sounds more like Russian Propaganda Games than any factual reflection on the known physical facts and human reality!  

How dare Sessions and Trump be so hatefully stupid and blinded that they doesn't recognize the long term damage torturing toddlers and parents will do.  Make no mistake, this IS nothing less than child torture!  

It's as though Trump and Sessions are going out of their way to create hatred and rage for the sake of making mortal enemies out of people.  

There is no other logic or sanity to be found in the actions of Sessions & Trump's ICE.  What's most unbelievable for me is how many people believe their malicious nonsense.  Our future will be getting nothing but uglier with every day these vandals are allowed to own our government.

Not much to add, perhaps how the hell did Americans become so blinded by self-interest to hand over our government to such a gang of proudly dishonest, amoral, absolutist thugs, people who's highest calling is: 

Americans its your move.  Or not.  The clock keeps ticking.
November 6, 2018 possibly the last time your opinion will matter.
America, we need you now don't you care about your sons and daughters?

Published on Jun 28, 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fruits of Koch's labors - GOP tax scam.

I've done a lousy job of keeping up over here, I have a draft about the ultimate defeat of the malicious Anti-Democratic recall petition against La Plata County commissioner Gwen Lachelt.  But its been on the back burner due to more pressing obligations.  Though I received the following from Karl Hanlon and it seemed like something that really should be shared far and wide. 

Lost in the deafening roar of the outrage over the human rights abuses on our nation's border was the passage of an unfortunate anniversary – one we cannot let pass without notingYesterday marked the six-month anniversary of the day the Trump Tax Scam was signed into law. A law Scott Tipton voted for.

After six months to review, I have bad news: it’s worse than we thought.

This backwards scam is a massive tax cut for billionaires & corporations that raises taxes on millions of middle class Americans. It’s going to increase the deficit by $1.9 Billion which lays the groundwork for Republicans in Congress to attack vital programs like Medicaid and Social Security. Tipton’s vote for this will hurt us here at home.


Friday, June 15, 2018

Bibliography - Chris Jankowski - GOP Sells Their Soul to the Devil.

I was coming home tonight listening to NPR when Karen Duffin reminded me of the old story of Chris Jankowski who perfected targeted smear campaigns based on wanton lies that blindsided candidates and derailed many campaigns.  The man is quite proud of himself and his stealth effort, being the amoral creature of obsessive self-interest that he is.  

I find his story and his fundamental hubristic contempt for humanity, civility and common decency difficult to stomach.  But, rather than kicking the dog out of frustration when I got home, I decided to put together this collection - just in case anyone out there was interested in learning more about what these treasonous scoundrels did and continue to do.  

The other thing to get out of this is how inept the DNC has been to confront such efforts and to come up with a clear message that enunciates the need for a rededication to rationally resolving problems based on truthful facts and a bit of respect for each other's humanity.
Posted by Aaron Keck | Mar 7, 2017 | The Hill, 97.9 WCHL, Chapelboro, NC
Author of “The Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal Democracy,”  David Daley speaks with WCHL’s Aaron Keck.
November 28, 2016, Melissa Sandgren, Huffington Post
October 31, 2016, Fusion TV, Naked Truth
June 15, 2016, Dave Davies, Fresh Air Interview, NPR, 32:12 min
June 13, 2016, Paul Rosenberg, Salon
April 24, 2016, David Daley, ELECTION 2016, The New Yorker
Apr 5, 2014, Winston-Salem Journal, The Associated Press
November 11, 2013, By Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone 
October 10, 2013, By Michael Sargeant
Below the fold I share quotes from the above listed articles.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) - GOP get some backbone - oppose Trump Cultism

Republican Senator Bob Corker has some revealing words for the cowards in his own party.  Time for the GOP to stand up to the Trump Cult of ruthlessness and disregard for America's Democracy, save America from itself.  I follow this video with another of David Cay Johnston sharing his insights.

CNN  -  Published on Jun 12, 2018

GOP Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) criticizes his own party on the Senate floor for failing to even vote on amendments because they may upset President Donald Trump.


Here's some more details of what's going on in Washington these days.
What we don't know, can and will hurt us.

David Cay Johnston 'It’s Worse Than You Think: 

What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America’

Streamed live on Jan 29, 2018

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Cay Johnston may know Donald Trump better than any other working journalist, having first profiled the forty-fifth president in 1988 and tracked him ever since. He was the first to write about a potential Trump presidency when Trump announced his campaign in June 2015, and we turn to him now for a comprehensive examination of the first one hundred days of Donald Trump’s presidency in his book 'It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America'. 

He provides unique insight about the actions the new administration is quietly approving without drawing the attention of the Washington press corps, and examines phenomena the mainstream press stopped covering years ago. Join Johnston for a deep exposition of the workings of federal government agencies as they affect the lives of all Americans: from our wallets, to our health care, to our safety.

David Cay Johnston is a journalist, author, and winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Beat Reporting. He has chronicled Donald Trump’s conduct in his books: Temples of Chance and the New York Times bestseller The Making of Donald Trump. He has been called “One of America’s most important journalists” by The Washington Monthly, and he has acted as an uncredited source of documents and insight for major campaign reports by The Washington Post, The New York Times, Bloomberg, and network television.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle as part of the Civics series.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Bibliography - Articles Reporting on Scott Pruitt's War on our EPA

Thinking about root causes and bubbles, it seems to me our fundamental problem, the one that spawns all others - is that pretty near everyone, from top to bottom, clings to the notion that increasing economic growth is our cure-all, sadly sober math and unavoidable physical reality makes clear that it’s the path to speeding humanity’s self-destruction.  So it goes.

Over the past year, I’ve started a few Scott Pruitt projects, but have been overwhelmed and unable to follow through since it requires more focused time and energy than I could muster so I've walked away, hoping for another day.  Still I hear the news while driving to jobs and am appalled at what these people and their hatchet-man Pruitt are getting away with while most the public seems unconcerned.  Sad thing is, they are going to win unless many more children of the Intellectual Enlightenment get informed and engaged.

The following handy resource is a bibliography focused on what Scott Pruitt has been doing as EPA Administrator.  After this list I repeat it sharing selected quotes from each of the articles hoping to entice readers to continue on to the full stories and reports. This is by no means a complete list, but it is a good start.  I'd welcome any additional suggestions, if offered.
This November's election is voters biggest, best chance to oppose 
and stop the Republican Party's increasingly totalitarian thinking.
Community requires Enlightened Self-interest, not single-minded self-interest.
Trump's Americans: ME FIRST!  Is a path to ruin for everyone. 

06/05/2018,  By Alexander C. Kaufman, Huffington Post
(... Last month, the EPA barred reporters from entering a heavily publicized summit on toxic water contaminants.
An Associated Press reporter was grabbed and shoved by a security guard. ...)
May 24, 2018, By Nicholas Kusnetz, InsideClimateNews
May 23, 2018, Marianne Lavelle, InsideClimateNews
May 16, 2018, By Umair Irfan, Vox
May 10, 2018, By Nicholas Kusnetz, InsideClimateNews
May 8, 2018, By Jillian Austin, Mt. Juliet High School Student Newspaper
May 3, 2018, By Elaina Plott | The Atlantic
May 2, 2018, Michael Hawthorne, Chicago Tribune
April 26, 2018, By Brady Dennis and Juliet Eilperin
April 13, 2018, By Star-Ledger Editorial Board 
April 12, 2018, By Eric Lipton and Lisa Friedman, New York Times
April 11, 2018, Rhea Such | ECO Watch
April 10, 2018, Dan Turner’s opinion at Fox News
April 9, 2018, Robin Bravender and Niina Heikkinen, E&E News reporters
April 6, 2018, By Howell Raines | NBC News
April 5, 2018, By Felice Stadler | Environmental Defense Fund
April 5, 2018, By Heather Smith | Sierra Club
April 5, 2018, Michael Bastasch, Boston Caller
April 2, 2018 | By Marianne Lavelle and John Cushman |
March 30, 2018, Justin Worland, Time
March 30, 2018, By Alex Guillén and Nancy Cook, Politico
March 29, 2018, By Alex Formuzis and Sonya Lunder | Environmental Working Group’
March 28, 2018, By John Podesta, Washington Post Op-Ed
March 23, 2018, By Charles P. Pierce | Esquire
March 8, 2018, By Umair Irfan | Vox
February 27, 2018, Kevin Drum | Mother Jones
February 8, 2018, Opinion by Alexander Nazaryan | Newsweek
January 20, 2018, By Alexander C. Kaufman, Huffington Post
November 19, 2017 | By Alex Guillén and Emily Holden, Politico
November 1, 2017, William D. Ruckelshaus (Administrator of the EPA from 1970-1973 and 1983-1985)
July 27, 2017, By Jeff Goodell | Rollingstone
February 4, 2017, LA Times Editorial Board
February 8, 2017, James Temple | Technological Review
December 12, 2016, Christine Todd Whitman, EPA administrator from 2001 to 2003


Saturday, May 26, 2018

GOP and Trump's Attacks on USA's Democratic Principles and Institutions - a bibliography

Democracy Under Trump: What Is Being Lost?

It's been a while since I've posted, partly because I'm now quite busy and preoccupied with jobs, but also because I'm in a funk of disappointment.  What's the point of stealing the time and putting in the effort, when there's nobody out there?
Along with that, the malicious recall effort against Gwen Lachelt fell short, but was given two extra weeks to make up the difference, which they managed to do.  That they so easily gained over 2000 signatures in those extra two weeks reflects the Democratic Party's continued inability to invigorate their voters, or to effectively confront the deluge of deliberate and ruthless, amoral deception that was the hallmark of the so-called Save La Plata County's anti-democratic con-job.
While on the national scene Democrats remain as timid and tongue tied as ever, all very depressing.  Trump's bullies, the alt-right and evangelicals and oligarchs are relentlessly inflicting brutal damage on our democratic principles and ways of government.  I guess I'm old fashioned, I believe patriotism demands action when our nation is in danger, and even if my actions are futile, they're better than rolling over and pretending our democracy isn't in the middle of a fierce existential crisis and that we stand on the cusp of losing our democracy to ruthless special interests.  A situation demanding all hands on deck, if there's to be any hope of turning back the tide!

This post is dedicated to sharing a bibliography of articles that discuss different aspects of trump's attack on our democracy.  This is the sort of background knowledge we need to learn about and to share with others.  Raising awareness and encouraging involvement is our only hope.  Following this list I've gone on to include key quotes from the articles as an introduction and hopefully encouragement for you to follow the links to the complete articles.  It is by no means a complete, but its a start.

     May 27, 2018 - By Lauren Strayer, Democracy Fund
     May 22, 2018 - By Travis Gettys, Raw Story
     May 16, 2018 - By Jonathan Chait, Daily Intelligencer
     April 25, 2018 - Jay Rosen, New York Book Review
     April 13, 2018 - Evan McMullin, The Atlantic
     April 4, 2018 - by Darrell M. West and Jack Karsten, Brookings Institution
     April 3, 2018 - Cass R. Sunstein, Bloomberg View 
     February 23, 2018 - By John Shattuck, American Prospect
     February 15, 2018 - John Shattuck, Amanda Watson, Matthew McDole
     February 8, 2018 - Congressman Ted Lieu
     February 8, 2018 - Bright Line Watch, Survey-Wave 4
     February 6, 2018 - By Michael Finnegan, L.A. Times
     February 3, 2017 - Rob Wijnberg, The Correspondent 
     January 1, 2018 - By Jeffrey H. Smith, Lawfare
     January 27, 2018 - Jill Abramson, The Guardian
     January 18, 2018 - Protect Democracy
           {Ensuring the President “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”}
     January 16, 2018 - Tracey Lee, Newsweek
     January 16, 2018 - By Zachary Cohen, CNN
     January 3, 2018 - Gary Grappo, Fair Observer
Art of the Lie - The tally after one year

     December 29, 2017 - By Bernard Avishai, The New Yorker
     December 12, 2017 - Daily Kos
     December 7, 2017 - By Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt , The New Republic
     December 6, 2017 - By Scott Bolden, The Hill
     November 30, 2017 - By Thomas B. Edsall, The New York Times
     November 10, 2017 - Brian Klass, The Hill
     September 6, 2017 - Carnegie Endowment
     September 5, 2017 - By Dr. Benjamin Knoll, Ph.D., Huffington Post
     Aug 18, 2017 - By Hugh Cortazzi , The Japan Times
     May 15, 2017 - Brian Klass, USA Today
     April 26, 2017 - Slate Staff
     March 10, 2017 - Brian Klass, Washington Post

Help defeat Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court bid.

RSVP to attend NARAL Pro-Choice America's tele-town hall!

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