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Koch Shadow Network Funding Dangerous Candidates - H.Nations - 2016

Paul Weyrich, "father" of the right-wing movement and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, 
Moral Majority and various other groups (1980)

With that preamble I'll dive right into this short video of Farron Cousins interviewing attorney Howard Nations.  Below the fold I have notes from the talk along with additional reading sources that offer further support of the claims being made, along with offering important background.  

The Koch Shadow Network Is Funding 
Dangerous Candidates All Over The Country - 

The Koch brothers announced months ago that they were going to spend close to one billion dollars in this year’s elections.  We know that they aren’t giving this money to Donald Trump, so where is it going?

00:53 -   ... Rove and Edelson were tweeted to death by donald trump.  But the Koch
 brothers are still very much alive and well and working their magic.  The Koch brothers are omnipresent but they’re under the radar.  

When you see that do-nothing House of Representatives that's the Koch brothers.  When you see legislative races, State Attorney General races, Congressional races, that's the Koch brothers.  They are still the most powerful single force in the Republican Party. and they manage that as well as anything else through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) which carries out the Koch brothers legislative agenda. 


ALEC is not a lobby; it is not a front group. It is much more powerful than that. Through the secretive meetings of the American Legislative Exchange Council, corporate lobbyists and state legislators vote as equals on ‘model bills’ to change our rights that often benefit the corporations’ bottom line at public expense. ALEC is a pay-to-play operation where corporations buy a seat and a vote on ‘task forces’ to advance their legislative wish lists and can get a tax break for donations, effectively passing these lobbying costs on to taxpayers.


American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is an organization designed to link state legislators with corporations and create templates for state legislation. Some corporations ALEC has worked with include ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, Peabody Energy, and Reynolds Tobacco. [1], [77], [78]

ALEC describes its mission as to “advance limited government, free markets, and federalism at the state level through a nonpartisan public-private partnership of America’s state legislators, members of the private sector and the general public.” [2]

An investigation by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), hosted at, offers the following description of the organization: . . ., 

ALEC Exposed: The Koch Connection
By Lisa Graves  |  The Nation  |  July 12, 2011

Untold sums of cash poured into ALEC by Charles and David Koch have been an effective investment in advancing their worldview.

The Center for Media and Democracy’s PR Watch


Who's pushing the 'religious freedom' legislation in states?
By Lisa Suhay, Correspondent March 30, 2015 

NORFOLK, VA. — A recent opinion piece by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, lamented Indiana’s new 'Religious Freedom Restoration Act' as what he characterized as a “wave of legislation" which some claim is the result of the emerging power and reach of conservative "bill mills.”

“There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country. A wave of legislation, introduced in more than two dozen states, would allow people to discriminate against their neighbors,” Mr. Cook wrote in The Washington Post. …


01:34  -  If you look at it what the Koch brothers want on the environment they want no penalties, no regulation, no legislation to stop pollution because they're one of the three largest polluters in the United States.

They want privatization of public schools  They want to rewrite the history books as they have in Texas to reflect their fathers John Birch Society philosophy. 

They want no regulation of the financial industry. 

Union-Busting as they've done in Wisconsin.  Especially public employee unions and teachers unions.

They oppose the minimum wage.

They want no taxation of the upper 1%. 

They want to handpick and elect the President. 

03:20  -  2015-ish  -  Koch’s PR blitz, (playing the victim song and dance.  Didn’t work out so well.  So they went) “under the radar”, …

03:31  -  they’ve had a very successful time since 2010, …

03:44  -  they seized control of the Congress in 2010 with the Tea Party revolution they put up 45 million dollars to end into the 2010 Congress and they stopped the Obamas legislative agenda in its tracks, …

They only want their fair share.  All Of It!     

About that Koch, Tea Party connections:

Tea Party movement: Billionaire Koch brothers who helped it grow
 Suzanne Goldenberg  |  October 13, 2010

Tea Party Funding Koch Brothers Emerge From Anonymity
By Peter Fenn  |  U.S.News  |  Feb. 2, 2011

Article Shows Ryan Money Connection to Koch Brothers, Tea Party and Right-Wing
By Nicholas Confessore  |  NY Times  |  August 13, 2012

Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers
By Brendan DeMelle  |  Updated 12/6/2017  |  02/11/2013

Conservative group Alec trains sights on city and local government
Ed Pilkington in New York  |  The Guardian  |  March 6, 2014

Conservative lobby group Alec plans anti-environmental onslaught
Suzanne Goldenberg   |  The Guardian  |  December 2, 2014  

Charles Koch’s Frankenstein problem: 
He created the Tea Party monster — and now he’s horrified with the results
Sean Illing  |  10.27.2015

The Incredible True Story of the Tea Party's Rise to Power
Kevin Baker  |  October 30, 2015·

The Soul of the Tea Party
By David Bromwich  |  May 17, 2016

Behind the retreat of the Koch brothers' operation
By Kenneth P. Vogel  |  10/27/2016

Secret money escalates in Southern politics, fueled by Koch brothers

By Alex Kotch  |  Facing South  |  June 10, 2016   

Trump Cabinet Choices Reflect Deep Koch Influence
Lyndsey Gilpin  |  High Country News  |  Dec. 15, 2016

Kochs Bankroll Move to Rewrite the Constitution
Submitted by PRWatch Editors on March 23, 2017

Secret donors come back to boost former-Koch group
by Robert Maguire on January 25, 2018


04:12  |  something very smart they choose secretaries of state and they control all this through the American Legislative Exchange Council which drafts the Koch brothers agenda into state laws then they give that to the state legislators who carried those as bills and they pass. … 

04:40  -  they also draft anti voting legislation through Alec the suppress voter turnout, …
ALEC Inspired Voter Suppression Measures Take Off

ALEC Exposed: Rigging Elections
ALEC peddling “Voter ID” laws to disenfranchise voters least likely to support their right-wing candidates.
By John Nichols  |  July 12, 2011

Why the Koch Brothers and ALEC Don’t Want You to Vote
By Ari Berman  |  November 8, 2011

How the Koch-Funded ALEC Works to Deny Voting Rights; Brave New Film Highlights Voter Suppression
by Lisa Graves on November 8, 2011

Caroline Heldman, PhD on January 9, 2012

2012 Voter Fraud
A list of instances supposedly proving voter fraud in the 2012 U.S. presidential election only demonstrates that some people are really bad at math.

Fact-checking two false claims by Trump alleging widespread voter fraud
By Michelle Ye Hee Lee October 19, 2016

Republicans were wildly successful at suppressing voters in 2016
Three GOP-controlled states demonstrate the effectiveness of disenfranchising the opposition.
Alice Miranda Ollstein  |  Kira Lerner  |  November 15, 2016

Trump’s Bogus Voter Fraud Claims
By Robert Farley  |  October 19, 2016

More Trump Deception on Voter Fraud
By Robert Farley  |  January 26, 2017

Fact check: Donald Trump aide pushes false story of voter fraud
By Calvin Woodward  |  February 13, 2017

No, thousands of dead people are not registered to vote in North Carolina
By Will Doran on Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Civil Rights Groups Launch National Effort to Combat Alarming Voter Purge Campaign
November 22, 2017

Reports of Voter Suppression Tactics Pour In From Alabama Election
Pema Levy   |  December. 12, 2017

Debunking the Voter Fraud Myth
Brennan Center for Justice  |  January 31, 2017

PDF :    
Can GOP Voter Suppression Efforts Ever Be Stopped? Progressive Roundtable

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Condemns President’s Call To DHS To Review Unfounded Claims of Voter Fraud  -  January 4, 2018

Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights
Mission & Staff
The right to vote is fundamental to a healthy democracy. The Voting Rights Project works to prevent, reduce, and eliminate barriers to voting and civic participation, especially in communities of color and low-income communities, to ensure that each eligible citizen is able to cast a ballot and make her voice heard. 

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice
Volunteer for Election Protection


04:55  _  Here’s where the Secretary of State's come in, …

05:38  -  … in 2014 they took their fights to the states, …

06:20  -  So why are we not paying more attention to this, I mean as far as the National Democratic Party, …   (That was an excellent question in the summer of 2016, it’s an even more important question now!)

06:40  -  social welfare (read, political) nonprofits …

Dark Money Basics

How Dark-Money Groups Sneak By the Taxman
Gavin Aronsen  |  June. 13, 2012

By Leah McGrath Goodman  |  September 10, 2014

After Citizens United, a surge in “dark money” groups
Frank Bass | May 12, 2016


07:19  -  you recall in 2012 the IRS then audit division was attacked as targeting conservative nonprofits (listen for the rest of this example of political arm-twisting) 
…  result is in 2012 that very year when they backed off the social network group spent 257 million dollars on Federal Elections, …

08:22  -  (Koch’s Southern strategy)

09:21  -  For example in Florida the Koch brothers helped to kill (a solar energy project simply because they can’t abide alternative energy )

09:44  -  again my big concern here is that the Democratic Party itself is not out there
fighting this and to be honest I don’t know that they can.  I don't know that we can fight close to 1 billion dollars of outside money that's being funneled almost laundered through these nonprofit organizations that are clearly violating the law yet they can't do anything about it. 

10:17  -  Yeah but, let me give you a quick easy history lesson, …

12:41  -  (Koch’s are working on convincing, through any subterfuge necessary, that the Koch agenda is their agenda)

12:49  -  The Koch brothers understand one thing about politicians better than anybody else politicians are concerned about three things.  

One is re-election; 
secondly getting a higher office;
third they also want a profitable soft landing; 

So if they get defeated for re-election and you're a Koch candidate you're hired as a lobbyist. 

13:40  -  Right now education is our is our greatest weapon 

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