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¶ SaveLaPlataCounty's "Facts" Tainted by Koch's DarkMoney Tentacles

Examining the fundamental deception being foisted on us by “SaveLaPlataCounty” and the 
Koch DarkMoney funded web they are a part of.  

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To begin with, isn’t their summary title a bit hysterical? 

La Plata County doesn’t need saving.  Look around at our country, we are amongst the luckiest people in America, in the world.  What La Plata needs saving from is a ruthless, contrived campaign intent on injecting misunderstanding and divisiveness into local politics.

Second, they repeat idealistic sounding phrases, but show little concern for accurately representing facts, their own, or their opponent’s actual position.  Their narrative breaths contempt for environmental problems and safety regulations that benefit all of us, along with all who are concerned with those issues.  

Third, there’s nothing homespun or grassroots about or their recall effort.  It is part of a national strategy to make end runs around “liberal” bastions of our country, and eject us from what they feel entitled to.  “All of it!”

Please consider the four references "" provides for supporting evidence of their claims.  Look at them.  None contain specific evidence or charges.  Instead they are agenda driven ‘news’ articles of carefully crafted word-salad.  Full of insinuations, attitude, but nothing solid except for links to Koch’s DarkMoney octopus and a distain for environmental safety standards. 

1, 3)  Western Wire Reports

Facing Recall, New Questions Emerge For Lachelt Ahead Of COGCC Hearing”
  -  By Michael Sandoval, February 12, 2018
Ethics Questions Continue To Swirl Around La Plata County Commissioner
  -  By Michael Sandoval, July 17, 2017

Western Wire is a project of Western Energy Alliance, a non-profit regional oil and natural gas association based in Denver, Colo., and active across 13 states. (

Michael J. Sandoval is a contract Energy Policy Associate Analyst for the Independence Institute.  Before that an investigative reporter for The Heritage Foundation and he is a 2013 graduate of the Koch Associate Program.   (

Speaking of transparency, do you know who Western Energy Alliance is?

“Western Energy Alliance: The Voice of the Industry in the West - focuses on federal legislative, regulatory, environmental, public lands and other policy issues. We represent the voice of the Western oil and natural gas industry in a variety of ways.” 

The Coors-funded Independence Institute is a free-market, libertarian think tank based in Denver, Colorado. The non-profit is a member of the State Policy Network

2)  Free Range Report Depicts Lachelt’s Lobbying Activities

The author Marjorie Haun has written for American Thinker, the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal,, and Colorado Peak Politics…

watchdog org
Watchdogorg is a project of the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity, a non-profit organization dedicated to the principles of transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.  (As part of our 501(c)3, non-profit mission, which is where the DarkMoney is)

Franklin Center Top Donor Is Right-
Joe Strupp   |   February 22, 2013

Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity  -  Background

3)  Colorado Peak Politics Article

“RECALL! Environmental Whacko Faces the Ax By Voters”
February 9, 2018   |  Colorado’s Conservative Bully Pulpit

poor job performance  -  A LIE !  -

double-dipping  -  A LIE !  - 
“No substance to the Lachelt recall effort”

repeatedly leveraged our public office for her private gain  -  A LIE !  -
“Recall effort: Blaming unpopularity of land use code on Gwen Lachelt alone is misguided”

That article is pure biased angry inflammatory bullying.  Venom filled words, but in the end very little substance and what there was of that was misrepresented.  This is precisely the kind of emotional vitriol that destroys the democratic civility we depend on to keep our society functioning.  Exactly what the oligarchs want, this cynical recall attempt is doing their bidding.        

Gwen has been working for her constituents !  I copied this from 

Gwen Lachelt’s Work as La Plata County Commissioner, So Far:

Re-ignited the Comprehensive Plan conversation and pursuit with the Planning Commission
I supported the creation of the La Plata County Water Advisory Commission to aide the county both in planning for, and protecting, our waters.
I sponsored the Public Lands Resolution, which passed unanimously, calling for maintaining federal ownership of our public lands.
I advocated strongly in DC for passage of the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act, critical to our tourism industry.
I supported convening a Fiscal Sustainability Steering Committee to help the commissioners plan for the county’s financial future.
I led the county in developing strong state air quality standards and the nation’s first rule controlling methane emissions from oil and gas operations.
I testified in Washington DC in support of the BLM’s Venting and Flaring Rule to reduce emissions and protect the US Treasury.
I served as co-chair of Hickenlooper’s Oil & Gas Task Force and fought hard to maintain the authority of local governments to regulate O&G operations.
I have been serving on the boards of San Juan Basin Health and Housing Solutions for the Southwest.
I advocate daily for diversifying our economy so we are not so dependent on any single industry.
I’ve worked with residents and local businesses to strengthen our local foods economy, support community garden projects, and promote sound food policy by creating the Herbicide Carryover Working Group to educate growers and the community about the risks certain herbicides pose to gardens and farms in our region.
I promoted the first community solar garden development on the Boys & Girls Club rooftop.

Bonus, a couple peeks inside their master plan.

Follow the Money: Koch Brothers Back Pruitt to Head EPA  
By Elliott Negin | January 30, 2017

The two dozen nonprofit groups and Senate committee members defending Scott Pruitt, President Donald Trump's nominee for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator, have at least two things in common.

Like Pruitt, they're climate science deniers. And, like Pruitt, most of them are funded by Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers who own the coal, oil and gas conglomerate Koch Industries.

Koch's Marriage with BigTobacco-1993-Citizens for a Sound Economy-Jeff Nesbit 

History is important, and its amazing how much history Koch’s Americans for Prosperity has.  Here I share some details from Jeff Nesbit who wrote: Poison Tea: How Big Oil and Big Tobacco Invented the Tea Party and Captured the GOP, which is followed by tips and links to 10 other articles about various aspects of this long running strategic campaign aimed at an ultimate hostile take-over of our United State of American’s government of the people, by the people and for the people, by a few wealthier than god oligarchs

This is a personal unaffiliated effort to educate neighbors regarding Americans for (Kochs) Prosperity

citizenschallenge at gmail

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